I firmly believe in jewelry that can be worn all the time, anytime. But to help prolong and care for your jewelry there are a few things to keep in mind. Sterling silver will naturally oxidize over time when exposed to certain types of humidity, so its best to remove jewelry before doing certain activities that may cause them to get wet. (Swimming/hot tubs, showering, washing dishes.) Also be aware that pieces with stones, especially with softer untreated turquoise, exposure to water and oils ( lotions/perfumes) can cause them to change color.

All pieces I create are fabricated to last, but definitely avoid any repetitive dropping, snagging, and hitting against hard objects.

For limited time every purchase will include a Sunshine polishing cloth to keep that high shine for when your sterling silver way become dull.  Just be careful with those pieces with oxidized detail, over polishing can remove the intended patina!